I Love Google Art Project

On the home page Art Project features a work of art and a “magnifying glass” that shows details as you drag the image around the screen.

I know that this has been out for a while,  but have you looked at this yet??!

For those that don’t know, Google Art Project is basically a library of selected pieces from different collections in various art galleries around the world. Google has succeeded in omitting the middle man of travel costs and language barriers, and is bringing the art straight to you through your computer. What hasn’t Google been able to do?!

The pictures are in an extremely high resolution, so what you’ll view is almost as good as seeing the pieces in person. The zoom function allows you to get up close and personal with the artwork as many times as you want. Goodbye awkwardly positioned gallery guards and embarrassing proximity alarms! This makes me particularly happy because I love looking at the different textures and brushstrokes in a painting, forever curious how some artists arrange broken color on a canvas to create an image.

I’ve only been through a couple of the galleries featured, but all that I’ve seen so far has been a lot of older sculptures and paintings. Not too many abstract or contemporary pieces, at least not that I can tell yet. I’ve been passing some of my extra minutes at work by surfing through. Not everything’s worth gasping at. I think what I like most is the accessibility and the image quality – it’s seriously legit!

I did a search for Rembrandt, an old master of the art of the portrait

Blogathon 2012 Guest Post: Gabryyl Pierce

A Few of My Favorite Things by Gabryyl Pierce

When I found Traci’s blog on the 5th annual WordCount Blogathon guest post
exchange I was excited and intimidated. I’ve never been a great artist. Or even a
bad one, truth be told (even my stick figures look like they need life support). But
I do know computers, and they’ve opened a whole new world to us, the talent-
free. Drawing programs, collage makers and the like allow us to express ourselves
in ways we never dreamed were possible.

On my Blogathon journey I decided to do a theme of My Favorite Things. And,
since Traci’s blog is about art, I decided to combine the two and create a work of
art with some of my favorite things. So, without further ado, here is my first guest
post and my first collage.


About Gabryyl Pierce, Writer of Words ~ Purveyor of Awesome

I’m a terminally single full-time freelance writer and book reviewer from
Cincinnati, Ohio. My name reflects my Welsh heritage (they do love their Y’s) & is
pronounced like Gabrielle. And no, it’s not my real name. I made it up years ago,
for a variety of reasons. You can read about them here.

The Next Study

An underpainting of the model from class

Piggy-backing off of yesterday’s post, here’s what came out of me shifting my butt in gear and getting to class. I didn’t get to “finish” the previous painting because I couldn’t make it to last week’s class, but I’m not mad because I was getting tired of that painting anyway! I think it was because I had to keep on going back to it, and it started to feel like I was barely making any progress. I basically screwed myself because I used a huge canvas for a simple study, but I was only trying to push myself and I’m more comfortable working on a bigger canvas anyway. It was still a good exercise either way, because I learned a lot about using color than I anticipated. There are so many different techniques out there! I seem to learn a new one with every class I take.

The painting this time around is a lot smaller, and it’s a of a male – which is something I don’t get to paint too often. Apparently it’s not something many of the other women in my class get to paint either, as one of them said, “Go slow!” when the model was asked to remove his shirt. (Looks like I’m in the right class!)

This new painting seems to be off to a good start though. Now it’s time for me to mess it up by adding color to it…

When the Bed Keeps Calling You

I had to miss my painting class last week, so that why I didn’t have any follow-up pictures lately. I’m getting ready to go to class this morning, and I have to admit, I’m dragging! Not because I don’t want to go, but because I’m just tired in general from working a lot of longer hours at my 9 to 5 for the last month and a half (and counting). Right about here is where I usually give myself an excuse to punk out, and not do anything at all. But I’m going to push through it, get up, put on some scrappy clothes to paint in, and continue on.

How do I do that when clearly I would rather spend more blissful hours in my bed? I defer back to my main motivation for doing this: to do good work and get better, so I can then do good work for others.  That desire has to be the priority for me, at least stronger than staying in bed for 3 or 4 more hours on a Saturday morning (which probably would’ve been followed by more excuses to not do anything art related).

I share this string of thought, in hopes that you may think about what your motivations are at your core – it doesn’t even have to be art-related, sometimes we have to check in with what motivates us in life! Are you driven by something that you hold near and dear to yourself, or do you mostly make up excuses and let others influence you? What will you sacrifice for that personal creed? Do you even know what’s truly important to you? Either way, I’m in the struggle with you. This post is as much for myself as it is for the person who’s been meaning to start that project they’ve been wanting to get around to for so long. The bed will still be there when you’re done!

Naomi and Dali: The Craziest of These is Love

Salvador Dali and the love of his life, Gala

I didnt want to write about this topic because I didn’t think there would be a way for me to mask the tone of my heavy heart. However, this is my foundation and the very reason I was drawn to Dali in the first place. The intensity and the complexity of Dali’s relationship with Gala appealed to me initially because it was such a foreign concept. How could a man so full of greatness and charm allow himself to be brought to his knees for the love of this insignificant woman? It wasn’t until I experienced this kind of rare, all-consuming love for myself that I was able to come to more of an understanding of the dynamic of their relationship.

Toward the end of their lives together, Gala’s numerous affairs with younger men began to take their toll on the relationship. In addition, her gambling habits and generosity toward these men put a strain on the pockets as well. Even in her eighties, Gala showed a resentment toward growing older, creating yet more tension– enough that she was now giving her husband drugs that led to the eventual breakdown of his nervous system leaving him unable to paint. Eventually Gala moved alone into a castle Dali had built for her, unseen unless upon written request. Still, when Gala passed away, the elderly painter embarked on a downward spiral struggling with depression. There were even a series of freak “accidents” that hint of possible suicide attempts. With his muse forever gone, was there any reason left to live?

It is a beautiful thing to simply fall in love. It is quite another to find your reason to live. All control is lost as you allow yourself to be poisoned, broken and lost yet unashamed of your shameless weakness. In the end, the intensity of the obsession proves to be maddening and a certain pathway to your psychological demise. You have found in this person the perfect blend between reality and illusion, and you refuse to be awakened from this dreamlike state.  A glitch in the system has been discovered that allows you to somehow exist in this world and be able to escape to a parallel universe with this person. A utopia where each other’s flaws don’t exist and it doesn’t matter if this person is draining everything from your life’s force. In that world, dull moments are extinct and no tomorrows are the same. You have given in to complete insanity making the complexities of common love totally void. By giving in to this kind of love you have given in to destruction.

Memento mori, my friend! Destruction is inevitable. Endure the pain, suffer all consequences, and take all risks for a love most surreal. Drink heartily of the poison, and before you do, look your muse in the eyes and say “cheers”!

Naomi and Dali: Anticipation

The Great Masturbator, Salvador Dali. 1929

Talking about sex is either two things: icky or pornographic. I can sort of promise not to touch on either of those two but I am possibly the WORST person to speak on this topic because I think that sex is absolutely hilarious! However, I had a long talk with one of my classy friends about sex today and I think I got the worst of the 13 year old boy out of my system and I’m ready to be a big girl about this now.

So, why even discuss sex and sexuality as it relates to Dali? I mean, this is Salvador freakin’ Dali we’re talking about! The man embodies unbridled passion and hedonistic impulsiveness at its most clever. If you are bold enough to declare that you are drugs, doesn’t that make you sex and rock and roll, too? (Electric guitar solo) As it turns out…not so much -_-  There is a surprising cloud of mystery surrounding Dali’s sexual persona and from all that I’ve read it’s hard to gather what exactly was his deal. To sum it up the best way I know how: Dali was a bit weird about sex, almost to the point of neuroses. Many of his paintings during the time he met his wife, Gala, reveal a healthy sexual desire for her and in general, but also a suppressed fear of impotency.

The Accommodations of Desire, Salvador Dali. 1929

Because I just KNEW the sexual life of Dali was going to be wild and exciting, I found myself not really knowing what to do with this information. After giving it some thought (about 2 years of thought) I realized that perhaps I should go easy on my man. He lived in quite a different time and I could see how somewhere the ability to express himself through art and to express himself sexually perhaps crossed wires and possibly confused the man. I can see how difficult it would be having exposure to sexual freedom, having lived your repressed sexual desires out on canvas while in your mind developing a fear of the actual act itself. Then he meets the love of his life and the anticipation grows and the insanity festers until he almost completely breaks down.

In this day and age there is very little room for sexual thought driving us to near insanity. Sex is everywhere and I don’t care who you are: you are exposed. The value of sex has depreciated. We don’t take the time to let the anticipation of sex and intimacy build within us anymore. With pornography, phone sex, sexting– you name it– there is aways the opportunity for immediate release just around the corner. But before these tools Continue reading