Art Walk Reno, May 2014

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to visit a few of the venues that participated in Reno’s first official Art Walk! I’m still getting the hang of making videos like this though, so excuse me if it’s a bit rough. It was a perfect evening to take a stroll around the city, connect with locals and support local art. I’m really looking forward to going to the next one!


RAW Artists Reno

I am truly humbled.

Back in August I participated in an artist showcase with the RAW Artists chapter in Reno, and this week I found out that I’m one of the top five nominees that will be judged to to move on to the semi-final round! Being nominated is based on getting votes, and honestly I had no idea that I was eligible to receive votes… so I did zero promotion for myself, very sad.

So I have to thank everyone that did take the time to vote me up and show any kind of support, especially to my coworkers and fellow nominees Nicole Oshan and Alex Fleiner who spread the word about voting and who I’m sure were the sole reasons that I received any votes at all! Please click on their names and check them out! I should know the results of the regional judging in the coming weeks.

Good luck to all of the other RAW artists who are nominees in their cities, and a huge congratulations!

A Piece of San Francisco

I recently paid a trip to San Francisco for the first time, and was blown away at the vibe of the city. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay out there for long, but I was able to capture some of the beautiful murals that decorate the Mission District. Most of the pictures I was able to get were taken of The Women’s Building, where their mission is to help all women with the many things that they need to live happy, enriched lives.


I’m standing in the picture to show the scale. It’s huge!


This is all a part of The Women’s Building


Artist: Andre Karpov. This was a part of a different building, so beautiful!

San Francisco is brimming with creative energy! I’ll definitely make another trip there for a longer stay so I can see more of what’s going on out there. For a few more pictures check out the album here! Have you been to San Francisco? What was your experience?

Art Basel 2012 Pictures!

Finally! I’ve posted pictures from my visit to Art Basel Miami back in December. Trying to get all caught up by sifting through some of my backlog here.

I was only able to attend one day of Art Basel, and it definitely wasn’t enough! For those that don’t know, Art Basel is the biggest art event in the US and is held annually in Miami, FL. People from all social classes from around the world, even celebrities, gather together in South Beach to participate in the week-long celebration of art and creativity. If I ever go back again, I’ll be sure to try to stay a lot longer than just a couple of days, there’s way too much to see and experience out there! Here’s a taste of some of the things that I saw:

art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012

For the full album, check it out on Purple Paintbrush’s Facebook page – Let me know what your favorite pieces are!

Sprinkles by Rollence Patugan


I recently visited a friend in LA and we made a stop at the McGroarty Arts Center to check out an art fair held over the weekend. While we were there we also looked through the current show in the gallery at the arts center. The exhibition is called Bite Me, and it showcases various works of art that were inspired by food.

My friend and I ended up making an impromptu video of me talking about one of my favorite pieces in the show, Sprinkles by Rollence Patugan. The video is not a comprehensive review by any means, we were just having fun with it! We recorded it on my friend’s phone in a minute, so if anything, just look at it as an example of using whatever you have to make something happen. Either way I thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy!

A New Piece!


In Your Hand, acrylic on canvas board. 2012


This is the result of the what I made at my friend’s trunk show! It was an idea that came to my mind and I made it especially for the event. The painting was a raffle prize to a lucky attendee, and he was so happy to get it! It was a great feeling to see someone so excited to receive one of my paintings – a piece of me!

I’m still in a place where I’m inspired by flowers and attaching symbolism to that motif. Essentially the inspiration for this painting was inner beauty and self-awareness. I didn’t exactly realize it though when I had the idea though. The painting basically formed from the idea of merging blood veins with a flower stem, I liked the way that looked in my head. When I thought about that idea a little further it went to the concept of input/output, blood feeding a flower and the flower could have different outcomes. Maybe lifeless, just budding, closed/asleep, or open and beautiful. Then from there I had to consider where I wanted to take that. What was my input? What would my flower look like? I chose a lotus flower this time, which is becoming one of my new favorite flowers. Then chose a dark night sky with light emanating from the hand and flower. I like the idea of a bright, open flower in the dark. Under the stars, which I was trying to use to communicate the concept of something beyond ourselves and our worlds – for some that could mean God, or just the universe…something vast and ethereal. Then the flower in the hand in the foreground would be something like, staking a claim within all of that. That’s what it ended up meaning to me anyway, maybe it affects you differently. Maybe it’s just a pretty picture in the end?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

You are invited!

Tonight at Tabaq Bistro in DC I’ll be doing a live painting for my good friend Tynise Nicole‘s trunk show! Stop by to meet us, shop the latest items from her amazing jewelry collection, and enjoy some refreshments and good company. Pictures will be posted soon, but I also hope to see you there!