A Purple Paintbrush?

Purple Paintbrush = My favorite color and I like to paint. Also, alliteration. That’s pretty much it.

To be honest I started the Purple Paintbrush blog out of boredom on a Saturday afternoon back in 2010. For a while I really didn’t have any idea what I wanted it to be. I just thought it would be a fun thing to do on the side. Over time I began to think that I should seriously consider using it as an outlet for my own need for expression…even if that expression was that I was seriously slacking. Then I got to thinking about those who do have a visual artistic talent, or any natural talent actually, but are stifling it in one way or another…be it time, family, work, laziness, or whatever excuse we give ourselves for denying our potential. If you know what I’m talking about, trust me, I understand.

I’m Traci L. Turner, and I’m trying to find my way as an artist.

My goal with Purple Paintbrush is simple: to share my love and appreciation of human expression – visual and beyond. I’m not one that goes around saying, “All art is great art!” but I do believe that every piece means something. I’d like for Purple Paintbrush to be another place for people to get some exposure and encouragement, insight and motivation. Or if you just like to watch, hopefully it will be a place for you too. This blog is definitely a bit of a self-serving thing for me as well, because I get to be able to look at and write about art! You’ll also get to see me share my own work and struggles with staying productive while I work to figure out my own place in the art world.

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to come back again.