Naomi and Dali: Anticipation

The Great Masturbator, Salvador Dali. 1929

Talking about sex is either two things: icky or pornographic. I can sort of promise not to touch on either of those two but I am possibly the WORST person to speak on this topic because I think that sex is absolutely hilarious! However, I had a long talk with one of my classy friends about sex today and I think I got the worst of the 13 year old boy out of my system and I’m ready to be a big girl about this now.

So, why even discuss sex and sexuality as it relates to Dali? I mean, this is Salvador freakin’ Dali we’re talking about! The man embodies unbridled passion and hedonistic impulsiveness at its most clever. If you are bold enough to declare that you are drugs, doesn’t that make you sex and rock and roll, too? (Electric guitar solo) As it turns out…not so much -_-  There is a surprising cloud of mystery surrounding Dali’s sexual persona and from all that I’ve read it’s hard to gather what exactly was his deal. To sum it up the best way I know how: Dali was a bit weird about sex, almost to the point of neuroses. Many of his paintings during the time he met his wife, Gala, reveal a healthy sexual desire for her and in general, but also a suppressed fear of impotency.

The Accommodations of Desire, Salvador Dali. 1929

Because I just KNEW the sexual life of Dali was going to be wild and exciting, I found myself not really knowing what to do with this information. After giving it some thought (about 2 years of thought) I realized that perhaps I should go easy on my man. He lived in quite a different time and I could see how somewhere the ability to express himself through art and to express himself sexually perhaps crossed wires and possibly confused the man. I can see how difficult it would be having exposure to sexual freedom, having lived your repressed sexual desires out on canvas while in your mind developing a fear of the actual act itself. Then he meets the love of his life and the anticipation grows and the insanity festers until he almost completely breaks down.

In this day and age there is very little room for sexual thought driving us to near insanity. Sex is everywhere and I don’t care who you are: you are exposed. The value of sex has depreciated. We don’t take the time to let the anticipation of sex and intimacy build within us anymore. With pornography, phone sex, sexting– you name it– there is aways the opportunity for immediate release just around the corner. But before these tools were so easily accessible there was the original tool: a simple thought.

Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate, a Second before Waking Up, Salvador Dali. 1944

“…he was behind the woman watching as she absently stood at the sink washing out her dish. She did not realize he was there. He didn’t ogle her lasciviously, he kept his eyes focused above her neck as any gentleman would. He couldn’t help but notice just how long and slender her neck appeared. He briefly allowed his mind to wonder how the exposed smooth skin would taste to his tongue. Her sudden movement backward triggered his reflexes as he casually gripped her waist in an attempt to keep her from stumbling as she backed into him. For the moment they were there his hands fit perfectly into the curve of her hips. The seed was planted. The feel of her haunts him. His hands burn at the thought of touching her again as he recreates the sensation of the encounter with just the power of his mind. There is no release from it. There is no outlet, no masturbation, only thought. The wanting has set in. Anticipation.”

Every once in awhile we should build that anticipation within us and see where it leads. We can let our desires begin in our minds and challenge ourselves to hold it there as long as possible. What would happen if we let the planted seed grow and allowed ourselves to be prisoners of it? What if we savored our sexual thoughts and allowed ourselves to obsess without looking for immediate release or distraction? What if, for once, gratification did not need to be instant? Just maybe, allowing a provocative thought to reside in the subconscious of your mind for a day would make the difference when it comes to how you spend your night 😉

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