Naomi and Dali: In Dreams

The First Days of Spring, Salvador Dali. 1929

The great, and most certainly controversial, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was undoubtedly a heavy influence on the Surrealist society.  Andre Breton (founder of the movement), Surrealist film director Luis Bunuel, and Salvador Dali were fascinated by Freud’s writings– the “Interpretation of Dreams” most specifically. The heartbeat of the entire movement became about the marrying of the conscious with the subconscious in order to create a new world of shocking imagery that brought dark secrets and perverse impulses to light. Through their art, the surrealists were able to create an indulgent world free of suppression and censor, and paved the way for artistic liberties we are able to enjoy today.

Shades of Night Descending, Salvador Dali. 1931

It’s difficult for me to articulate in words what the members of this movement were trying to convey through their respective films, poetry, and other arts. But I do know that I can track the progression of Dali’s work during this influential time and feel the difference. I can look at his paintings and see the metamorphosis  of reality and illusion blending  into one right before my eyes. I know nothing of shadowing, contouring, or [insert other technical phrase here], but I do know the feeling of goose bumps rising on my skin and the quickening of my heartbeat. I look at Dali’s paintings during this era, and the eerie tone captured produces an intensity that is palpable in the air. There is so much for my eyes to devour it literally leaves my mind racing!

The Bleeding Roses, Salvador Dali. 1930

What would life be if we lived in dreams? It would be the slow life. We would move with such purpose and act out our heart’s most secret desires on a whim. Driven by impulse, maybe we wouldn’t have to mull over important life decisions. We’d walk effortlessly through obstacles and if there were repercussions the consequences would come at us sluggish and easy to bear. Outrageousness would be the norm. Happiness would be a choice not a luxury. The world Dali paints—I want to go there! I’d love nothing more than for my dream world to infiltrate my reality. I would love who I wished, unashamed, forever bathe in sunlight, and tears would be known as a beautiful thing. In this fast-paced world I would gladly welcome the surreal life. I would love to live in dreams…

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