Homework for this week

So I decided to do a self-portrait for my homework assignment. Danni said that achieving a likeness shouldn’t be the goal, and I think I may have taken that too literally! I don’t think it looks like me at all. I didn’t start off with a strong enough drawing this time and I think it shows. I was so focused on doing better than I did last week, which meant laying thicker paint down, mixing better colors, and painting faster (I had a 2-hour time limit). I do think that I did better this time around, but I wish I was able to push it further. Maybe that’s something I can do next week on my own time. Anyway, here’s a look! (Sorry for the picture quality! I didn’t have my real camera on me, so I had to use my phone.)

2 thoughts on “Homework for this week

    • Wow, thanks so much! Yeah this was a feat for me to get this far in 2 hours, I’m normally much slower and methodical. An exercise like this really pushes me to make faster decisions! Can’t say they’re always accurate though…

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