Purple Paintbrush is on Twitter!


So as a part of my attempt at building my online presence, Purple Paintbrush now has a Twitter page! Actually, I’ve had it for maybe about a week. It’s just now ready to be shown, haha. After MUCH trial and error and a Google search that lead me to this link, I now have a background design that actually is consistent with the look of the blog. I don’t have a proper Facebook name yet, but I will as soon as I get at least 25 “likes” so Like away! At this point I think the address is something like facebook.com/purple-paintbrush3412357blahblahyousuck or something weird like that. haha…DEFINITELY not worth putting out there! So hopefully I can change that soon…

The Purple Paintbrush twitter page is just another way to find out about blog postings, see what I’m up to, share resources, get and give shout-outs…you know, stay in touch! So show love on the Facebook page and/or follow @PurplPaintbrush so we can keep the conversation going!

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