Can’t sleep, and oh yeah…Happy New Year.

Why am I still up at 4:00 am?! Just can’t sleep. Work is going to be a loooong one today I’ll tell you that. At any rate, I just realized that this is officially the first entry I’m writing in the new year! Cheers to you all! I’m looking forward to a lot, but mostly I’m just looking forward to life. Damn I mean, if I get to see the end of the year I’d say it was a good one. I have to admit, I’ve never really been a “new year’s resolution-y” kind of person. Not that I’m opposed to change or self-improvement, and I’m not saying that I don’t have any goals, but I pretty much make them up and adjust as I go along – and depending on the situation…not necessarily because the next year arrives. Honestly, things are pretty calm right now. And that can be either a good thing or a bad thing, haha. Too soon to tell though…

As far as the painting from the last post, it’s still not at a point yet where I feel like sharing the progress BUT I will as soon as I feel that it’s done. Now that I’ve become preoccupied again, it might be a little difficult to try to make time for painting…but it will get done though. Until then, here’s a little something that I completed as a class assignment: A photo correction exercise, but man this one was a doozy. We had several pictures to choose from, and my dumbass decided to pick a really hard one to challenge myself. It took a couple of hours, but it was a labor of love. I believe it turned out great in the end – not perfect, but definitely good. The hardest part was removing all the grainy dots, and repairing the torn piece at the bottom right of the original image. You have to make it believable and natural! Good lord…Well hopefully with more practice, I’ll be airbrushing the Kardashians’ cellulite and Alicia Keys’ acne before I know it.

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